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2011-10-28Recording new full-CD.
Good news: We're preparing ourselves for the recordings of our next full-CD. Even better news: Drums will be recorded at Xavier Carion's (ex-Channel Zero, Master of Waha, but of course you already knew that) Jonathas Studio, probably in the middle of December. We're planning to record some 13 brand new songs. The album (of the year 2012 ;-) ) will probably be entitled: "We, the Willing".
2011-05-11Problems website over
It have been a few difficult days but the website is finally cleared of all the malware that some how got installed and kept coming back.
2011-03-04And the new bassist is...
Although we have - to use an understatement - some experience with bassists uttering the harrowing line "I quit", it's always hard to swallow, especially when the speaker in question has in the meantime become a friend. So long, Stevie, we shall miss you.

But life is hard, complex and unpredictable and most of all: goes on. So, rather than keep on staring into the black seething well of life's indifferent cruelty we decided to look for a new bassist. And on our quest for new blood we learned that life, in all its complexity, can sometimes be dead simple. We literally tried hundreds of candidates but when even Les Claypool gave up after trying just 5 of our not even most complex riffs we found ourselves entertaining a serious doubt as to the future of our band.

And yet, all the while, the solution had been staring us into the face: a complete utter nutter with the psychotic look of bug-eyed Earl meets Eddy Wally who had been stalking us for the last 10 years. How could we have been so blind? Gorik entered our rehearsal room and only 10 minutes later we had played "The Joke" and "The Death Inside of Me". Perfect. Spotless. Melancholic. Aggressive.

So then, meet the new bassist: Gorik Van Droogenbroeck, alias Gorique Du Pantalon Sec. Has the look of Dracula, plays bass in a blasphemous way (with a pick) and most of all: drinks Tripple Westmalle (and blood). And, by the way: has exquisite musical taste and the witty repost to back it all . Perfect.

2011-01-01New video clip "The Believers"
Dearly beloved believers,

It has been an epic endeavour, with countless re-shoots, extras, mixing, video editing, lost usb keys, stale sandwiches (if there was any food at all) but now that it is finished, we can only be happy with the result. Hope you enjoy it. And hope you dig the message: the insanity of one of our most cherished ideas and the most institutionalized creed on Earth: GREED.

An extra warm yahoo goes out to Gustaaf de Meersman from V.Z.W. Videokontakt for staying cool during all those long hours of making us see the utter madness of some of our ridiculously unrealistic expectations whilst nevertheless realizing the rest of our - slightly less over the top - delusions of grandeur.

Enjoy! And before we forget: Happy New Year!!!!

2010-09-07Extras wanted for video clip
Hello favourite boys and girls,

On Saturday 18th September Tim's Favourite, your favourite (well, that is what we like to believe) "zen metal" trio will be recording a crucial scene for their new videoclip "The Believers". The clip will have the following flashy theme (fasten your seatbelts): "economics - more specifically: free market capitalism - as a religion". "What the fuck", we can already hear you think. And for once we totally agree: this is truly heavy shit indeed. But then again, what else did you expect from a bunch of heavy metal freaks?

Anyway, the scene we have in mind will go as follows: A kneeling crowd (you?) prays to a life size golden calf on the stairs of the (Brussels) stock exchange. Do we still need to make a drawing?

Feel like participating in a bit of social (economic) criticism? If so, here are the details:

* Where?: Stock Exchange, Beursplein/Place de la Bourse 1, 1000 Brussels

* When?: 18 September, present from 11:00am untill 01:00pm

* Who?: Anyone.

* Dressing: As plain as possible (preferably black without any lettering)

* Send a confirmation to (preferably before 15/09).

* All participants will receive a copy of "Geometry for the Selfish Herd" afterwards.

So, see you there then? We truly believe we can expect nothing less than a massive (let's be optimistic) turnout...

Elie, Jan & Steve
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