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2010-09-07Extras wanted for video clip
Hello favourite boys and girls,

On Saturday 18th September Tim's Favourite, your favourite (well, that is what we like to believe) "zen metal" trio will be recording a crucial scene for their new videoclip "The Believers". The clip will have the following flashy theme (fasten your seatbelts): "economics - more specifically: free market capitalism - as a religion". "What the fuck", we can already hear you think. And for once we totally agree: this is truly heavy shit indeed. But then again, what else did you expect from a bunch of heavy metal freaks?

Anyway, the scene we have in mind will go as follows: A kneeling crowd (you?) prays to a life size golden calf on the stairs of the (Brussels) stock exchange. Do we still need to make a drawing?

Feel like participating in a bit of social (economic) criticism? If so, here are the details:

* Where?: Stock Exchange, Beursplein/Place de la Bourse 1, 1000 Brussels

* When?: 18 September, present from 11:00am untill 01:00pm

* Who?: Anyone.

* Dressing: As plain as possible (preferably black without any lettering)

* Send a confirmation to figurant@timsfavourite.com (preferably before 15/09).

* All participants will receive a copy of "Geometry for the Selfish Herd" afterwards.

So, see you there then? We truly believe we can expect nothing less than a massive (let's be optimistic) turnout...

Elie, Jan & Steve
2010-07-14New video-clip on its way.
We're preparing the recordings for a new video-clip end of this month: "The Believers". Expect a mindblowing and dogma-shattering piece of video. More info soon.

2010-06-06Another fine review...
..which we discovered a little bit late, to say the least. Actually, it's about a gig we did last year in the well-known heavy metal venue Biebob, together with Diablo Blvd. Enjoy:

English (translated) version:

“The next band certainly didn’t have to depend on its name. TIM’S FAVOURITE doesn’t exactly sound ‘metal’. This band is situated somewhere between heavy grunge and tight thrash. Their great example is Alice in Chains, but also Tool, Megadeth and early Metallica have found their way into the sound. Guitarist/singer Jan Pauwels is a special character. His rather unimpressive build certainly doesn’t lead one to suspect such a voice and potential tout-court. With a timbre referring to his great examples and with great passion he sings as if his life depends on it and as if the weight of the world rests on his shoulders: a little bit of Pearl Jam, a lot of Alice in Chains. Man, this is the sound of 1992! His tight-as-ass riffs and dark chords contribute to this. Occasionally he looks like a cross-over between Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) and the ‘Alverman’. The other guys in the band - a trio – perfectly fit in and complete the picture. An impressive bass solo and drums falling apart (haha) produce some intense moments. To conclude, AiC’s ‘Would’ is covered and it doesn’t differ in the least from the original; one of the few grunge songs I really liked in those days. This is a band to keep an eye on. In spite of the somewhat dated sound (no offence), Tim’s Favourite held me firmly in its grip throughout the entire set. The frontman’s unique humour occasionally reduced some of the built-up tension. And that was probably a good thing. Anyone as driven as this and creating such an impact deserves all the proper respect. Allright!!” (Tarkus)

Dutch (origina)l version:

“Volgende band moest het alvast niet van zijn naam hebben. TIM'S FAVOURITE klinkt niet echt 'metal'. Deze band situeert zich dan ook ergens in het midden tussen heavy grunge en strakke thrash. Grote voorbeeld is Alice In Chains, maar ook Tool, Megadeth en vroege Metallica hebben zich in het geluid genesteld. Gitarist/zanger Jan Pauwels is wel een bijzonder figuur. Zijn niet echt indrukwekkende gestalte laat niet vermoeden dat daar zo een stem en potentieel tout-court in huist. Met een timbre dat sterk refereert naar zijn voorbeelden en met grote passie, zingt hij alsof zijn laatste uur geslagen was en of de wereldvrede op zijn schouders rust; beetje Pearl Jam, veel Alice in Chains. Man, dit is het geluid van 1992! Zijn retestrakke riffs en donkere akkoorden dragen daar toe bij. Bij momenten lijkt hij een kruising tussen Dave Mustaine (Megadeth, zucht) en de Alverman. De rest van de band - een trio - weet hier perfect aan te vullen. Een indrukwekkende baspartij en doorslaande drums (haha) leveren enkele intense momenten op. Afsluiter is AiC's 'Would' en het wijkt haast in niets af van het origineel; een van de weinige grungesongs die ik toen echt kon smaken. Dit is een band om in de gaten te houden. Ondanks het gedateerde geluid (no offence), hield Tim's Favourite mij heel hun set in hun greep. De wel erg speciale humor van hun frontman deed tussendoor als een sorbetje af en toe de opgebouwde spanning afnemen. Misschien maar goed ook. Wie zo gedreven is en zoveel impact weet te maken zonder franjes en overbodige kantjes, verdient alle respect. Dik ok!! (Tarkus)
2010-04-27Tim's Favourite interview on URGENT.FM radio show
Tomorrow from 10:00 pm to 12:00 pm your all-time favourite band will be given the floor on Gent local radio station URGENT.FM in their weekly legendary show "Rommelkot" (literally "shed of junk") (Myspace, ).
As always in an interview with Tim's Favourite, subject matters discussed will range from the sad state of the human race to the baleful effects of drinking two Westmalles a day. Anything but music, that is. On the pretext of letting the music speak for itself and not boring the audience after 2 minutes, a few of the songs on "Geometry for the Selfish Herd" will give a welcome relief...
2010-04-05"The Believers" in vi.be selection of this week!
Yes, you read right: "The Believers" made it in the vi.be selection of this week!!

That means that, first, you'll be able to hear the song this Monday (tonight!) on Studio Brussels in their show ‘Select'. Then, tomorrow and on Wednesday, the other two bands of this week's selection (Humb with "Fly With The Funk" tomorrow and We Seem To Have Misplaced Our Igloo with "Hearts" on Wednesday) will be given airplay. On thursday 8 April, finally, the winner will be announced in 'Select' and the winning song will receive extra airplay. As the sayin' goes "the winner takes it all" and it won't be any different this time 'cause the one who takes it all will also be interviewed during the show.
This was the comment of this week's "expert" ( Marc Steens):

"Ik had er geen flauw vermoeden van dat er zoiets bestond als "zen metal". Zo omschrijft het trio Tim's Favourite zelf zijn muziek. Als zen metal staat voor inventieve riffs en strakke ritmepatronen gedrenkt in een dreigend sfeerjte, dan dekt de vlag zeker de lading. Met bands als Tool en Alice In Chains – niet toevallig genoemd als grote invloeden – delen ze het hypnotiserende effect. Ver van de gespreide benen satanstekenvormende pose van veel metalacts en daarom des te verfrissender."

For the non-Dutch speaking boys and girls amongst you, here's a (literal, non-censured!) translation into English:

"I had no idea that something like "zenmetal" existed in the first place. That's how Tim's Favourite themselves describe their music. If zen metal stands for inventive riffing and tight-as-ass rhythms drenched in a menacing athmosphere, then the term certainly covers the feel. With bands like Tool and Alice in Chains - not coincidentally listed among their big influences - they share the hynotizing effect. Far beyond the typical "straddle-legged/fingers-forming-sign-of-satan" metal pose and therefore all the more refreshing."

If you go to vi.be on air you can give your opinion and vote (although we were assured that the vi.be team's final verdict will not be influenced by your votes).

Fingers crossed (Satan-style ;-)),

Tim's Favourite
2010-01-24"Geometry for the Selfish Herd" on iTunes
As from now on, our youngest baby "Geometry for the Selfish Herd" is also available for the rest of the world on iTunes. Check it out. World, here we come!!

Geometry for the Selfish Herd by Tim's Favourite – Download Geometry for the Selfish Herd on iTunes

2010-01-21Tim's Favourite & Surrogate Sushi @ The Frontline
Hi people!
As you may or may not yet know, tonight Thursday 21 of January we play in Gent @ the Frontline. Just as in Antwerp, this gig is again with Surrogate Sushi as support. Doors open at 8:00, Surrogate Sushi starts at 9.00 o'clock and Tim's Favourite make the stage at 10:30. Admission is 5.00 €. THE PROCEEDS OF ADMISSION CHARGES TO THIS CONCERT WILL BE ENTIRELY GIVEN TO THE HAITI RELIEF FUND!

So, see you all tonight!

Elie, Jan and Steve.
To all of you (zen)me(n)tal freaks: We'd love it to be a fantastic new year for everybody, with more love, more health, more joy, more peace, more good music (more, say, Tim's Favourite?), more whatever your heart may desire... But maybe most of all: more quality, less quantity.

Cya all very soon, at maybe one (or MORE? ;-) ) of the following upcoming gigs:

2010-01-08 20:00 Rock concern de rots, Melkmarkt 11, 2000 Antwerp
Entrance: € 5.00 With Surrogate Sushi as support.
2010-01-21 20:00 Frontline, Hoogpoort 9, 9000 Gent
With Surrogate Sushi as support. More details soon.
2010-02-06 20:30 Club B52, Aartrijkestraat 92, 8480 Eernegem
With Blast Year Zero and Soulthrash as support. More info soon.


Elie, Jan and Steve.
2009-10-30Mindview about your favourite music...
The wonderful people from Mindview, known for their exquisite taste, can't seem to get enough of our latest album. This is what they had to say about your favourite bunch of metal freaks on www.poppunt.be:

"De meesters van de zen metal gekend als Tim's Favourite brachten eerder dit jaar "Geometry For The Selfish Herd" op de markt, een geniaal stukje metal dat ieder zichzelf respecterende liefhebber van het hardere werk uit de Lage Landen minstens eens moet hebben gehoord. De aan Tool, Alice In Chains en Metallica verwante muziek brengt een sterke boodschap over de kwalijke gevolgen van kuddegedrag en blind kapitalisme. Een thema dat in tijden van financiële crisis zoals we die nu kennen meer dan actueel is. "Geometry For The Selfish Herd" benadert qua geluid de perfectie, maar het duurde dan ook vijf jaar vooraleer de opvolger van "Noises From The Darkroom" (2003) het licht zag. Op die eerste plaat was het geluid van Tim's Favourite nog een stuk rauwer, maar de aankondiging van een mooie metaltoekomst droeg de schijf al in zich. Een Belgische band uit Vlaams-Brabant om te ontdekken en te koesteren. Je zal nog nooit al headbangend tot zoveel inzicht zijn gekomen als tijdens een concert van Tim's Favourite!" (Wietse Swalus)

In English:

"Earlier this year, the masters of zen metal known as Tim's Favourite released "Geometry For The Selfish Herd", a brilliant piece of metal that every self-respecting devotee of hard music from the Low Countries ought to have heard at least once. The music, related to Tool, Alice in Chains and Metallica, brings a potent message about the detrimental effects of herd instincts and blind capitalism. A pretty topical subject these days. Productionwise "Geometry For The Selfish Herd" approaches perfection, a logical consequence of the five years between its release and that of its predecessor, "Noises From The Darkroom" (2003). On the latter Tim's Favourite still sounded considerably less mature, but the first seeds were sown for a fertile metalfuture. A Belgian band from Vlaams-Brabant to discover and to cherish. Never will headbanging give you as much insight into the state of things as during a concert of Tim's Favourite!"
2009-10-21Jan Sprengers and Jan Hautekiet (Radio 1, ex-StudioBrussels) about "Geometry for the Selfish Herd"
Ladies and gentlemen, these are the opinions of 2 living legends in the Belgian music industry who know what they're talking about, if we may use an understatement:

Sprengers: "Straf. Heel goed gedaan, vrijwel perfect in zijn genre." Translated into English: "Impressive. Very well done, virtually perfect in its genre."
Hautekiet: "Overall puike cd, waar toch wat optredens/festivals moeten mee te bereiken zijn, I presume. Buy More!" In English: "Overall excellent CD, which ought to yield a fair number of concerts/festivals, I presume. Buy more!"

Overall not bad, we presume... And we totally agree with Hautekiet: BUY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009-09-02Review concert at Biebob
This was the verdict of Mindview about our gig at their "Miss Metal shows off" festival last Friday at the Mecca of metal-loving Flanders, Biebob:

"Daarna was het de beurt aan het trio Tim's Favourite, één van de bands die onze de laatste maanden verbaasde met een schitterende CD. Ook op het podium wist het drietal het onderste uit de kan te halen en de meeste toeschouwers smaakten hun moderne metal evenzeer. Dit is duidelijk een Belgische band die het verdient om tijdens het volgende jaar eens op een festivalpodium te staan."

Here's a translation into English:

"After that the floor was given to the trio Tim's Favourite, one of the bands that surprised us during the last couple of months with a fantastic CD. And on the scene the threesome also managed to have their Jägermeister and drink it too and most of the spectators enjoyed their modern brew of metal just as much. This is obviously a Belgian band that deserves to play on one of the festival scenes next year."

One of the festival scenes next year? Only one?
2009-07-05"Geometry" reviewed in Aardschok magazine
Another fine review for "Geometry of the Selfish Herd" appeared, this time in the most famous Dutch metal magazine: Aardschok

"Met de nog immer voortwoekerende, wereldwijde financiële crisis in het achterhoofd, is het thema van deze conceptplaat actueler dan ooit. De teksten handelen namelijk over het kuddegedrag van de hebzuchtige mens. Deze interessante bespiegelingen zijn door dit trio doorgewinterde Belgische muzikanten vervat in twaalf bevlogen composities, die ze zelf graag onder de noemer "zen metal" wensen te slijten. In de praktijk staat deze vage term voor slepende, strakke metal met aanzienlijke grunge-invloeden. De gedreven, granieten gitaarriffs, daverende drummokerslagen en vette baslijnen zorgen tesamen voor een broeierig, beukend brouwsel zonder onnodige poespas. Snel is de link met Alice in Chains gelegd, belichaamd door het oprechte, gekartelde stemgeluid van Jan Pauwels, maar ook met bands als Kyuss, Tool en Stone Temple Pilots zijn er raakvlakken. Sterke songs zijn het rustig beginnende en later openbloeiende "Nothing But", het opzwepende "Freak of Energy" en het aftrappende, stevige titelnummer. Meer gelatenheid overheerst in de relaxte afsluiter "Forever Incomplete" en het voorafgaande "Uncertainty Principle", waardoor je bijna in een Boeddhistische trance dreigt weg te zakken. Helemaal zen." (Joost Boley)

And for the non-Dutch-speaking community we've attempted a translation into English which looks even more impressive:

"With the insidiously spreading financial crisis still lingering at the back of our minds, the theme of this conceptual album is more alive than ever. It so happens, the lyrics deal with the herd instincts of greedy mankind. These interesting ideas were cast by these experienced Belgian musicians into twelve inspired compositions, which they like to qualify as "zen metal". In practice, this vague label stands for legato, tight-as-ass metal with considerable grunge influences. The legato, granite guitar riffs, thunderous sledgehammer blows of the drums and the heavy bass lines combine into a sultry, pounding no-nonsense potion. Alice in Chains quickly comes to mind, embodied by the authentic, serrated voice of Jan Pauwels, but there is also common ground with bands like Kyuss, Tool en Stone Temple Pilots. Strong songs are the quietly commencing and gradually unfolding "Nothing But", the inflaming "Freak of Energy" and the heavy title track. More resignation predominates in the laid-back "Forever Incomplete" and the preceding "Uncertainty Principle", resulting in an almost Buddhistic trance. Totally zen." (Joost Boley)
This evening Tim's Favourite" will officially release its new load of decibels.

Place to be: JH 't Bronneken, Bergestraat 2, 1730 Asse (in the immediate vincinity of the railway station). Start concert: 21.30 hrs. Entrance (free): 21.00 hrs. Be there!

Impressive review in Belgian rock-magazine RifRaf last week:

Tim's Favourite is het brutale relaas van drie fijne monniken die op een dag besloten het eelt niet langer van hun huid te schrapen. Jan, Elie en Steve keerden hun rug naar hun blarende broeders en creëerden de ultieme kruising tussen razorblade metal, splijtende drumpartijen en diepborende gedachten. Dagen na het beluisteren van ‘Geometry for the Selfish Herd’ kotert de tweede full-cd van landgenoten Tim’s Favourite nog steeds als een gloeiende pook in je lichaam. De heren omschrijven hun unieke kruisbestuiving zelf als zenmetal, maar de groep onder één enkel label brengen is praktisch onmogelijk. Tim’s Favourite is allesbehalve een kuddebeest, hoewel er af en toe gulzig wordt gegraasd op de akkers van Soundgarden, Alice in Chains (‘Nothing But’ klinkt als een prachtige, verloren gewaande Layne Staley-track), Tool, Life of Agony, Korn… Melodie, agressieve riffing (‘The Believers’ om maar een voorbeeld te geven) en ejaculerende gitaren (‘Freak of Energy (A Calculated Plan of Action)’): ‘Geometry for the Selfish Herd’ heeft alles wat fabuleuze metal kenmerkt… en meer. (jvw – Rifraf, mei 2009, p. 25)
2009-05-06"Geometry" in rock magazine Mindview
Their opinion:

"Ook al je geld in Fortisaandelen gestopt en nu, zonder dat je baas het weet, voortdurend naar de website van De Tijd aan het surfen om elk begin van beterschap aan te grijpen als was het de verrijzenis van de messias himself? Vergeet de teksten van Tim's Favourite dan maar, concentreer je op de muziek.

Het Vlaamse Tim's Favourite heeft met de tweede CD "Geometry For The Selfish Herd" een superschijf in handen. De boodschap dat hebzucht en kuddegeest niet hand in hand mogen gaan, wordt verpakt in moderne metalsongs met kop en staart, met akoestische gitaren en beukende drums. Het titelnummer is behoorlijk agressief, maar de band heeft ook de kunst van het afwisselen van harde met zachte passages onder de knie. Luister maar eens naar een song als "Freak of Energy". Die wisselwerking geeft de CD een dynamiek die ervoor zorgt dat "Geometry..." ook na tig luisterbeurten blijft boeien. Op het laatste nummer "Forever Incomplete", over iemand die zich realiseert dat zijn levensdroom een grote illusie was, wordt volledig de kaart van de emotie getrokken en, haal de zakdoeken maar boven, het werkt wonderwel. De plaat klinkt bijzonder strak en professioneel, daar zal de mastering door de Zweed Göran Finnberg, bekend van zijn werk bij bands als Opeth, In Flames en Arch Enemy, zeker voor iets tussenzitten. Ook aan het CD-boekje is meer dan gewone aandacht besteed. Als voorprogramma van Tool zou TF niet misstaan, maar ook fans van Alice in Chains, Channel Zero en Disturbed moeten de groep een kans geven. Overigens, de video van "Piggy Ways" is zeer de moeite waard. In het programma "Puur Belgisch" van Jim TV stond de clip zelfs op de nummer één plaats en ook nu nog draait "Piggy Ways" mee in de wekelijkse keuzelijst. Gaat dat zien en horen, talent van eigen bodem. (KM) GOUD (6/7)"
2009-04-27Spreading the news
We have distributed some of our music and ideas to decision-makers all over our country. With some amusing results.

More info soon.
2009-04-17Keep voting
Piggy Ways is still in the charts (rank 11) of Puur Belgisch on the Belgian Pop Music Station JimTV.

And we try to stay there for at least a month, till our release party on May 15th.

The only thing you need to do is continuing to cross out 3 clips, one of them being Piggy Ways by Tim's Favourite (number 32) and that's it.

Here the link once again;


Thx a lot!!
2009-03-28Release party 15 May
On May 15th, "Geomtery of the Selfish Herd" will be officially released with a concert in 't Bronneken, in Asse.

The show will start at 21.30 hrs. More info soon.
2009-03-01Piggy Ways to the top
Your votes must have made an impression...

In barely two weeks time, our videoclip Piggy Ways climbed up to the second place in the charts of Puur Belgisch on the Belgian Pop Music Station JimTV.

Ony Milow with his widely known cover "Ayo Technology" still preceeds us.

Maybe, we can take position 1 as well. The only thing you need to do is cross out 3 clips, one of them being Piggy Ways by Tim's Favourite (number 35) and that's it. So:

Vote "Piggy Ways" into the Charts of JimTV.

Our videoclip Piggy Ways is in the running for the charts of Puur Belgisch on the Belgian Pop Music Station JimTV.

If we manage to get into the top 30, our clip will be shown in the program. The only thing you need to do is cross out 3 clips, one of them being Piggy Ways by Tim's Favourite (number 35) and that's it. So:

Vote "Piggy Ways" into the Charts of JimTV


2009-02-12"Geometry" ready for the shops
CD is ready, copies are available for sale in the record shops.

Meanwhile, we are preparing a launch party, and a "Geometry" press-campaign.

Soon more...

2008-12-20"Geometry for the Selfish Herd" digitally released
Hi there,

Here it is, digitally available for the whole internet-community.

On our downloadshop Downloadshop (http://www.musicfan.fm/timsfavourite) you will find eleven brand-new songs online, each with a preview of 45 seconds.

These eleven soundbits constitute a dark concept album released on the darkest days of the year with a dark message: about herd-instinct, and how it can drive mankind blindly to the cruelest totalitarian regimes and to utterly erratic behavior.

A nice example: the current madness on the financial markets.

Actually, our free market system can be considered as a global killing-machine which forces people to consu
me, to buy more. As a consequence it stimulates greed in the broadest sense of the word: need for more consumer goods, need for more hedonism and direct consumable pleasures, need for more money...

Front Cover of "Geometry for the Selfish Herd".

This, and far more, forms the intellectual fabric of "Geometry of the Selfish Herd".

But of course,and above all, there is the music. We hope you like it, and are looking forward to your feedback.


Tim's Favourite
2008-12-13"Geometry for the Selfish Herd" ready for release
Years ago, Jan stumbled upon an article entitled "Geometry for the Selfish Herd" by the evolutionary biologist W. D. Hamilton. The essay showed how panic and herd instict drive species to uncontrolled, yet powerful irrational behaviour.

Observing the proliferating greed on the modern stock exchanges driven by a massive world-wide herd instinct, Jan decided to write a concept album on it.

So, he started to make his first recordings with his band Tim's Favourite in 2005. Finally, three years later, the album is ready for release. A black album, on the blackest shadows of human species. An album planned to be released on the shortest -and thus blackest- day of the year: December 21st 2008.

Meanwhile Jan's dark prophecy has become true. For litlle could he expect that the album would appear midst one of the blackest financial and economic crises of the past decades.

A first sample song ("Nothing But") as well as a video clip ("Piggy Ways") are available in preview on our MySpace-website.

The entire album will be for sale on our web-shop from December 21st onwards.


Hope you like it.
2008-12-06Mastering finished, ready for production
Mastering "Geometry" finished, artwork ready, ISRC-codes added, EAN product code ordered. Production probably beginning next week.

In the shelves: January. Finally light at the end of the tunnel!

Working out an original launch now. Keep an eye on our news-section.
2008-10-03A first sign: a new video-clip
Our soon-to-be "Geometry"-project resulted into a first creation: a video-clip along with a new song "Piggy Ways".

A tale about the predestination of mankind. And yes, partly about the current turmoil and financial frenzy on the stock exchanges, driven by the greed of the human species.


2008-09-21Mixing finished
Well, Jan had a closer look at his eleventh attempt at producing some decent material.

And, guess what? He finds it excellent!

Now mastering and art-work (nearly finished) and then our second five-year plan will finally reach an end.

Album shoud be ready for release and running by the beginning of January.
2008-08-04Mixing not finished yet
Well... Jan had a closer look at his first mix-down. And he felt it was not good enough. Currently, he is adapting some guitar-lines.

Release of the new album will be postponed till next year.

But don't despair: Steve,our new bass-player, will make his first appearance next week in the Negasonic Music Club in Aalst. A first glimpse of the new Tim's Favourite, come and enjoy it.
2008-03-22Mixing finished
Today, Jan finished the last bits of the new album.

The recordings are ready for mastering, one of the coming weeks (or days). Soon after this, the album will be released on the internet (possibly accompanied by a hard-copy release on CD or DVD depending on our contracts with record labels).

Meanwhile we have contacted our current label, Buzzville Records, to find out whether they are interested in the release of this second album.

We are also planning one, or maybe two, pre-release try-out concerts. The concerts will be restricted to a limited audience of die-hard fans. Purpose is to fine-tune the gigs, following the album-release.

P.S.: the album will be titled "Geometry for the selfish herd"

P.P.S.S.: fans will be informed about the exact date and place of the try-out gigs
2008-02-07Coming up
Tim's Favourite is gradually preparing the release of its new album. Our landing-strip will mainly be the internet (although we will probably print some hard-copy CD's as well, for the die-hard fans). And the runways are being cleared:

- our webshop has been cleaned with some new internal features, promoting our music on different web radio channels

- our MySpace-website (www.myspace.com/timsfavourite) has been extended with a photo slideshow and a video of the concert Tim's Favourite gave at the end of its Darkroom-tour, in the Nijdrop concert-club (still remember that one?)

- and, last but not least: we have created a YouTube-website (www.YouTube.com/timsfavourite), which also features this concert-clip.

And you can already watch it right here:

- more news on the release and some new concerts very soon
We'd love it to be a fantastic new year for everybody. May some of your dreams come true (not all of course, for what else would there be left to strive for??).

Furthermore, we wish you lots of joy, a good deal of success and last but not least: an iron health.

P.S.: concrete ear-drums as an extra might help to enjoy all of our new productions (songs and concerts)

Cya all very soon.
2007-10-03In the picture
One of our favourite clubs. On their request, we will put them in the spotlight for a while, on the home-page of our website. For years, they have been working intensely to make their club what it is now. A growing hot-spot in the scene of alternative music in Flanders and Europe. And this is all due to their relentless idealism and enthusiasm. So visit:

Negasonic Aalst: www.negasonic.com
2007-09-22Webshop renewed
Have a look at our renewed webshop, provided by Legal Download.

Beginning 2008, we will add new songs of the new album. Enjoy!

2007-09-22Two new gigs
On the 3rd and 17th of November, Tim's Favourite will be playing two times in a row in Aalst, birth-cradle of the band. A small try-out of the latest songs of its new album (to be released in the first months of 2008) will be included. Fans: be there!
2007-05-25A concert in our home town
On Sunday, May 27th, Tim's Favourite will go on stage right in front of the town hall of Ternat, home town of front man Jan. The concert forms part of the annual open air stage of Manu's Hard Drink Café, which gives an extra dimension to the "Sinksen Fair".

Concert will be entirely free (no entrance tickets). Kick off at 19.00 hrs. Be there!
2007-04-07Pics added, recordings continued
The Pics-section contains some new material, featuring Elie, Bart and Jan at work on the private birthday-party of their manager, Luc, last December.

Meanwhile, Jan has nearly finished his new home-studio (sound-proof recording room is being finalised, including the connections with the mixing and recording equipment). When Jan gets bored by al the hammering, sawing, screwing (!!) and painting, he continues to work on the guitar and bass-lines of the new songs.

Once the recording-room is finished, Jan hopes to add the lyrics. If he would do this right now, this would undoubtedly end in an enormous turmoil with all of his neighbours (a few exceptions of utterly deaf old specimen not taken into account, of course) in a 500 meter vicinity.

Fans who already saw Jan at work during the concerts will understand what we mean.

On of the coming, we will add some pics of the band at work during their studio sessions, including fans camping near Jan's front-door... and neighbours protesting in his backyard and bathroom.
2007-01-31Transition website completed
You haven't noticed it. But it's done. Tim's Favourite has arrived at its new home on the internet with its new provider.

Nothing changes for the lot of you, but behind the screens our webmaster has been working very hard to make this transition a success.

And he did it! Thanx Karel !!
2007-01-23New studio - new album - new show
Jan is working hard to update the recording room of his new studio. All the percussion-tracks of the ten new songs have been recorded elsewhere. Meanwhile, a number of guitar- and bass-tracks have been added as well.

Once the recording-room is finished, the voice-lines will be added as well.

Meanwhile, we can announce an intermediate try-out concert, where we will already play some of the new materials:

May 24th: Superrally 2007, Bussloo, The Netherlands (www.superrally2007.nl).

Tim's Favourite will play as the final act on day one of this four day international festival from 00.00 hrs- 1.30 hrs (which means that we will actually start playing at midnight on the 25th of May). More info will follow soon.
We wish everybody (our groupies, our myriads of fans all over the world, our solar system, the milky way, the galaxy...) a thundering 2007.

Bart, Elie, Jan, Luc
2006-10-28Tim's Favourite goes digital
Several promo-sites of Tim's Favourite have been activated on the web. On the sites, you can listen to a couple of the latest songs (no samples, but entirely uncensored material in an online streaming form!), including some data on the background stories (lyrics and ideas).

Surf to:
- www.soundclick.com/timsfavourite
- www.myspace.com/timsfavourite
- www.purevolume.com/timsfavourite
... to find out more.

A tip: you can log in on every site (without any charges) and listen freely to thousands of songs. And... you can also vote Tim's Favourite to the top of the charts. Do it now!!
2006-09-27There they are
For everyone available, from now on, on our freshly initiated webshop at legal download.be:
the first three new songs of the long awaited second album of Tim's Favourite:

1. "Hellcrown"
2. "Message in a Bottle" (covered many times, but never like this!)
3. "The Death inside of me"

Price, per download: 0,99 euro.

Artwork of the album and additional songs will be uploaded somewhere in the Spring of 2007.
2006-09-19New material ahead
Currently Tim's Favourite is recording some new material, whilst constructing a new studio (tearing down the old one, and building it up some 10 kilometers further) and designing a new road show, including an entirely new animated video wall.

A whole bunch of interesting, but rather time-consuming, activities.

Which means we won't hit the stage again until somewhere in the spring next year. To build up the tension a little bit and to arouse the curiousity of our die-hard fans, Jan thought it wiser to wait till all the songs are properly recorded, before we start doing concerts again.

Does this mean you have to bear without a sound of Tim's Favourite through the long, cold and dark winter-months?

Not at all!

Three new songs have already been recorded and mastered for some while now. They have even been released in a limited edition on a mini-CD. But they will soon be available for anyone surfing the net, as well. In a matter of days, we will be launching our own online music-shop, via legaldownload.be.

The songs will be available in mp3-format at the price of 1,5 euro each. We will also put online the artwork of the mini-CD.

See keep visiting this page, and keep holding track of our online shop, because ten more songs are on their way.

And if you are lucky, a concert might turn up before our "spring re-entrance", playing some of the old song-material... If we really can't bear the smell of our bodies or the looks on our faces in the recording-studio any more.
2006-05-12Tim's Favourite ready for a new show
Last week, Tim's Favourite had a very successfull try-out gig in the "Rock Café" in Leuven. The new songs aroused a lot of enthusiasm amongst the fans. Some of the new song material will also be presented next Friday, when we open the "Rock Affligem" festival. Start at 17.00 hrs: be there!
2006-01-24Tim's Favourite at Rock Affligem 2006
On Friday 19th May, we will be playing at the opener of the festival summer season, Rock Affligem.

This year's edition again features lots of interesting bands such as Praga Kahn, Anne Clark, Red Zebra, de Heideroosjes and the "disco-tribute rat pack" called Les Truttes (one of our favourites: tons of irony and musical pleasure, wrapped up in a unique show). Be there !
Thanks to you all for being so numerous at our 100th concert at JC Nijdrop. We hope you enjoyed it all and see you all back on our gigs next year.

Meanwhile we wish you lots of pleasant christmas parties and a thundering 2006 !
2005-12-13Tim's Favourite 100 in original line-up
Christophe Lanckriet has left Tim's Favourite (thanks Christophe, we wish you lots of success with your other projects). But this time, we found almost immediately an excellent replacement. Founding father Bart De Becker makes his come-back precisely at the moment the band celebrates its 100th concert. Bart left the band some 63 gigs ago, but is more than eager to invade the stage next week at the Nijdrop Club.

Advantage: Bart is not only an excellent bass-player (composer of the majority of the bass-lines on our first album "Noises from the Darkroom") and a versatile musician, but he is an excellent singer as well (not to mention: his capacity for jokes and his enactments of all kinds of distorted people!). Thus, the vocal power of the band will be restored in more than one way. Added to the new song material, this will make the concert even more worth wile.

Be there: next Friday, december 23rd, Nijdrop, Opwijk. Kick-off: 20.30 hrs.
2005-11-15Tim's Favourite 100: one special concert
Due to a last-minute change of the organiser of the Blaze concert in Brussels, Tim's Favourite will not play as a support act. Thus, the concert of December 3rd is cancelled. Fans who have already registered and paid for the cards will be refunded, of course.

Keep your eyes and ears open, however, for the concert at the Nijdrop Music Club on December 23rd. The new material, the new line-up, the strong support of Mindless and the DJ-set afterwards should make this an unforgettable experience.
2005-11-04Tim's Favoruite 100: two special concerts
Tim's Favourite will end this year invading your ears officially for the 100th time with two special concerts.

On Saturday, December 3rd, we will be supporting the British metal legend Blaze Bayley (former Wolfsbane and Iron Maiden lead singer!!) on his one-time passage in Brussels at Ten Weyngaert. If we take the private anniversary party gig of our beloved roadie Piwi into account, this will be the 100th time that Tim's Favourite hits the stage. And of course, we will give Blaze more than a hand in stirring you al up !

On Friday, December 23dr, to celebrate our 100th official gig, we will play an extra special show at the Nijdrop music club. Tim's will be the main act, supported by local (and soon to be international) heroes Mindless. More info in the gigs session, and on this page soon.
2005-11-04Add-ons website
From now on, Christophe is entirely encorporated in the universe of Tim's Favourite. Finally, our new star features in the pop-up animation at the beginning of this website.

And Christophe himself also added a new section to our webroom: a photo-gallery, with the recent highlights of the band. Including, of course, pictures of the three band-members and also a reference to one of the founding fathers: bass-player and musical genious Bart De Becker. Just click on the pics-section in the menu and enjoy.
2005-10-21Concert Geraardsbergen
On Saturday,October 22nd, Tim's Favourite will be playing a full concert at the Boogiewoogie rock bar in the centre of Geraardsbergen (Adamstraat 64, near the railway station). Local heroes "Fading Moments" will be opening the concert. Kick-off at about 9.00 hrs pm. More info on website: http://www.boogiewoogie.be.

Be there: entrance is totally FREE!
2005-09-10He passed the test
Christophe did very well on his maiden concert for Tim's Favourite in the Negasonic Music Club in Aalst. Fans congratulated us on our choice: a tremendous bass player who really fits in the spirit of the group. Now let's hope we can keep him for at least a decade or so, ;-).

About 100 fans enjoyed a fine concert with an energetic kick-off act of Misses Bombie (thanks guys !!), and a new born Tim's Favourite. Fans, organisers and bands were all convinced: we should do this again. So keep them eyes on our gig-section for new upcoming projects.
2005-08-04New concerts
Four new concerts coming up, including the farewell concert of Bart on August 20th, and the first official appearance of Christophe Lanckriet as our new bassist in the Negasonic Music Club in Aalst, city of onions, on September 9th. Misses Bombie will be there as well to give him a warm welcome. Check it all out on our gigs-section.