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New Single A Deeper Advantage

Our new single ‘A Deeper Advantage’ is out now!!! We hope you guys like it. If you do, please listen to it, share it, tell everyone you know about it, post it to your facebook-groups, your whatsapp-groups (even the ones with your grandmother in it!). This helps us a lot. Thanks already and let us know what you think about the song and the video 😉

Out now

Belgian Metal Shredder
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We, The Willing is an experimental yet familiar sounding album that I can well-recommend to fans of Tool and Alice In Chains. As well as everyone else looking for some excellent “thinking man’s” rock music.
Metal To Infinity Webzine
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We have a strong trio of musicians right here and the influences of some progressive rock and even true metal bands can be heard as well. The result is that Tim’s Favourite is very hard, even impossible, to label.
Zware Metalen
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Maatschappijkritische teksten, levenswijsheden en inzichten, zonder hoogdravende arrogantie, in een uitvoering die je radio niet zou overbelasten.
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Looking at their lyrics and song titles, they’re the politically intellectual version of Alice in Chains’s Dirt era.
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Stilaan beginnen we te begrijpen waar Zen Metal voor staat. Men neemt wat thrash, grunge, enz.. en maakt daar een unieke song mee.