Tim’s Favourite originated aeons ago in the dark recesses of its founding father’s mind, Jan Pauwels…


Actually, the initial name of the band was Heart of Darkness, but for some reason the guys considered that too dark altogether. So when one day, the founding father discovered his three-year-old nephew Tim with a pair of headphones, in a state of devastating cognitive dissonance (which the uncle totally misinterpreted as “pure bliss”) while listening to demos for what was to become the first album of his uncle’s metal project, the new name for the project was found.

These guys sure have not taken the easy road; lyrics based on scientific studies, wrapped in unconventional yet always fitting compositions.

The first outings took place during a rather frantic thrashmetal prelude. Over the years, however, the songs became a little bit more melodious and – what did you expect – undefinably unique.


Vocals reminiscent of Seattle (does the acronym ‘AIC’ ring a bell?), psychedelic guitars and ingenious bassplaying (to name but a few) have not rarely been invoked to describe the far-beyond-metal nature of Tim’s Favourite beast. “Progressive, psychedelic grunge metal” is perhaps the most accurate description so far.

Tim's Favourite plays modern rock with nu-metal influences but also slow, almost doomy passages. It all sounds original and it's almost impossible to find a musical flag that covers Tim's Favourite's cargo.


In the meantime, lots of things happened after that fateful day on which Jan discovered his nephew Tim listening to that demo. Three full-length albums were recorded, numerous bassists came and went and even more concerts were played. But, strangely enough, the members of Tim’s Favourite found that the world was not ready to be conquered…




Until, some twenty years later, something utterly changed. Something so wanting all those years – the missing link, so to speak – was, at long last, found.

Things finally came full circle, because Tim’s Favourite’s biggest critic, in the meantime 29 year old, became (to put it with the title of one of the band’s countless smash hits)…


Yes, you read well: Tim, the once 3-year-old nephew, became a member of the band whose founding father was thoroughly deluded into believing that it was Tim’s favourite band, talking about a nightmare come true! It so happened that in the years following the aforementioned unspeakably fateful day, each new TF album only added to the little nephew’s infernal torment, eventually leaving him no option but to turn the trio bearing his name into a quartet, so as to cunningly manipulate them into ditching the most embarrassing (read: in his view short from pure perfection) song material for their symbolic fourth album:

Hell, to cut an already way too long biography short: with this fourth baby, Tim’s Favourite, at long last complete, are finally ready to conquer the world …

Tim's Favourite is...

Jan Pauwels

Vocals, guitars, losing his guitar picks and temper

Elie De Backer

Drums and allround rattling the place apart

Wolf D'haese

Bass, backing vocals, hair, defying the heavens up there

Tim Pauwels

Guitars, backing vocals, down- and nitpicking