Tim’s Favourite originated years ago in the dark recesses of its founding father’s mind, Jan Pauwels…


The initial name of the band was Heart of Darkness, but for some reason the guys considered that too dark altogether. One enlightened day, however, Jan found his then three-year-old nephew Tim with a pair of headphones on his head (where else?), completely enthralled by the music of his uncle’s band.


The new name was found.

These guys sure have not taken the easy road; lyrics based on scientific studies, wrapped in unconventional yet always fitting compositions.

The first outings took place during a rather frantic thrashmetal prelude. Over the years, however, the songs became a little bit more melodious and – what did you expect – undefinably unique.


Irish sounding vocals (yep!), folky guitars and ingenious bassplaying (to name but a few) have not rarely been invoked to describe the far-beyond-metal nature of Tim’s Favourite beast. So far, however, all attempts at pinpointing that typical TF-sound, have proven utterly futile.

Tim's Favourite plays modern rock with nu-metal influences but also slow, almost doomy passages. It all sounds original and it's almost impossible to find a musical flag that covers Tim's Favourite's cargo.


Lots of things have happened since that fateful day on which Jan discovered his nephew Tim listening to his music. Three full-length albums were recorded, 8 bassists came and went and at least 3 (!) concerts were played. But, strangely enough, the members of Tim’s Favourite found that the world was not ready to be conquered…




It so happens that, some twenty years later, something has changed. Something so wanting all those years – the missing link – has now, at long last, been found.

Things have finally come full circle: ladies and gentlemen, Tim’s Favourite’s biggest fan, now 23 year old, has become (to put it with the title of one of the band’s countless in-a-just-world-would-have-been smash hits)…


Yes, you read well: Tim, the aforementioned once 3-year-old, has become a member of his own favourite band, talking about one frickin’ dream come true. From now on he will be joining these old farts on stage and be second guitarist (as if they weren’t having enough trouble with the first one already).

Hell, to cut an already way too long biography short: Tim’s Favourite, at long last complete, are about to conquer the world…

Tim's Favourite is...

Jan Pauwels

Vocals, guitar and uncalled-for Donald Duck impersonations

Elie De Backer

Drums and allround rattling

Wolf D'haese

Bass, backing vocals, hair

Tim Pauwels

Guitar, backing vocals, beer spilling and nitpicker pur sang