Belgian “zen metal” band new album & accompanying single & video clip out now.


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Tim’s Favourite brings you the “zen metal”: a somewhat idiosynchratic, slightly disorienting trip into grunge, metal, psychedelic rock and particularly uplifting lyrics delicately bulldozing your dearest certainties to bits and sending your neck muscles without further ado into the mandatory exorcist-like state of unholy flexibility. For fans of Tool, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Helmet, Prong, (early) Metallica, Meshuggah and, would you believe it, the (later) Beatles




After on the previous 3 albums having gotten to the bottom of saucy topics such as Darwinism, religion, science, free will, incompleteness, capitalism and the inexorcible feeling of not wanting to get up in the morning (thank you, neck muscles), on their forthcoming new album (to be released on Jan. 16, 2024) Tim’s Favourite find themselves entertaining a profound doubt as to the benignity of one of the most democracy-disrupting mania in the 21st century. The title (“amaConda”), by the way, is not misspelled. It’s not even so much about snakes, either. Actually, the only link with real snakes we can think of is that on “amaConda”, more than ever before, Tim’s Favourite‘s “zen metal” not only has that typical trance-inducing edge, it also literally rattles like hell, the way rattle SNAKES do, to the extent that some have even started calling it “rattle metal”.




But, probably more to the point, as a teaser a video clip for the title track was released on Nov. 22 of last year.


Watch amaConda: 


And a few weeks ago a second clip was added to that, for the opening track of the album:



Watch Connect and Divide:

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Tim’s Favourite is a Belgian quartet mingling seemingly irreconcilable elements of grunge, thrash metal, progressive metal, psychedelic rock, stoner and, frankly, whatever they dig in their own basic metal mixer, resulting into an alloy they like to call “zen metal”. Think of it what you may, think Tool meets Alice in Chains meets early Metallica and then some.

The band’s diabolic name (the acronym ‘TIM’, e.g., stands for ‘The Infernal Majesty’) might put you on the wrong track about its not necessarily uplifting vibe, but there’s a thoroughly credible and pretty harrowing narrative behind it: One day, founding father Jan Pauwels discovered his three-year-old nephew Tim with a pair of headphones, in a state of devastating cognitive dissonance while listening to demos for what was to become the first album of his uncle’s metal project. The name for the project was found. In the following years, however, each new TF album only added to the little nephew’s infernal torment, eventually leaving him no option but to join the band bearing his name, so as to cunningly manipulate them into ditching any song material in his view short from pure perfection.

Add the synchronicity of this harrowing family feud to a blistering rhythm/rattle section, a growling bottom of the beast, layered (dis)harmonies and the ensuing inevitable explosion of raw aggression on stage and you have the uncanny formula for Tim’s Favourite.


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Four full length albums:

  • Noises from the Darkroom (2003)
  • Geometry for the Selfish Herd (2009)
  • We, the Willing (2018)
  • amaConda (2024)

More than 100 gigs, including:


General info: info@timsfavourite.com

Bookings: bookings@timsfavourite.com



+32 (0) 472 53 58 58 (Jan)

+32 (0) 474 17 52 28 (Tim)